A New Experience

The world of web hosting can often leave many users puzzled, unsure and quite often simply lost in technical jargon and marketing strategies. At Jst Hosting, we believe getting your web presence online should be simple and you should have peace of mind that your site is available whenever anyone needs to access it.

Our Approach

Founded in 2008, Jst Hosting now has a client base across the UK benefiting from our clear and honest service. All of the products we offer have not been created just to offer further services, but are designed to provide a product which will help our clients succeed in their online environment. Primarily focussed towards small and growing businesses (although we have a large number of individuals as clients) our range of services provide a comprehensive web presence including hosting packages, server monitoring and web design. If any of our standard offerings aren’t quite what our clients needs, we’ll even go out of our way to create a custom package just for them.

High Standards of Service

Unlike many businesses today, we believe that when it comes to web hosting, clients have a right to know exactly what is going on. As soon as we’re aware of any issues with our services, we’re very open about it and post information in our support pages. Often an issue is resolved before our clients even notice but we believe it is only right to be open about what we do. Furthermore, if any issues do arise with any product, we provide the best possible support through our support team. All of our support staff are based within the UK to ensure a quality experience for our clients.

Our People

All our staff have extensive experience in the hosting industry to ensure you will only receive the best customer service. We pride ourselves on our high customer service standards and are always striving to look for the best new products and services to offer to our clients. If our staff wouldn’t use it, you won’t find us offering it to our clients.