Jonathan Crass – Co-founder and Partner

Jonathan ran another successful website design and hosting business before founding Jst Hosting in 2008. With this experience, he is now in charge of many of the front end aspects of Jst Hosting including overseeing changes to the website, marketing, sales and client support. Graduating from the University of Manchester in Physics with Astrophysics (1st class honours), his experience with both hardware and software in a research environment also brings high level technical expertise to the business.

Thomas Williams – Co-founder and Partner

Thomas acts as the senior technical advisor within the business overseeing server maintenance, upgrades and technical issues. With a wealth of experience in computer system and networking, Thomas has previously worked for companies in the US as well as troubleshooting nationwide ISP issues in the UK.

Dan Wilkins – Partner

Dan joined Jst Hosting in 2011 after six years’ freelance design work. Dan obtained his Masters degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and has technical expertise in web design, scripting and databases as well as vast experience in server administration.