James Addison

MySQL/PHP Developer – Client since October 2008

I have been with Jst Hosting from the start, for one key reason, reliability. I have been with a number of hosting companies over the years, but I have never found the reliability and dedication found at Jst Hosting before. The support at Jst Hosting is unbelievable, and they have always strived to give the best solution possible suitable to me alternatively to a general solution. Jst Hosting gives me peace of mind, I know that my data is in good hands, allowing me to relax and concentrate on development.

Kevin Lane

Student – Client since October 2008

I can’t compare Jst Hosting to any other hosting company. They have shown me complete competence, excellent customer service, and total respect. I was going to say that their professional yet personal approach is priceless, but it’s actually quite affordable! I would (and do) recommend Jst Hosting to anybody and everybody who needs web hosting.

Philip Lubin

University of California Santa Barbara – Client since July 2010

Jst Hosting designed a webpage for our experimental cosmology group at UC Santa Barbara. We were amazed at how fast and efficient they were at designing, iterating with us on our needs and deploying. We have had several web pages in the past and this is by far the most easily maintained and modified website we have had. We needed to have a dynamic website that we could easily modify quickly without being a website expert or HTML code expert.

We were very  impressed by the professional attitude of the Jst staff. They were diligent and very creative both in coding complex feeds as well as in making a very artistic looking and easy to navigate page. We look forward to working with them in the future.