Addon Services

At Jst Hosting, in addition to our standard web hosting packages, we offer several addon services for these packages as well as additional products. From SSL Certificates for your site to server monitoring solutions, we can customise our offerings to match your requirements.

SSL Certificates

If you’re looking to perform secure transactions on your website, an SSL Certificate is a must. We offer three key types of SSL Certificates (Domain Validated, Business Validated, and Extended Validation) to keep the data between you and your clients encrypted and secure.

Dedicated IPs

Want to have your site on it’s own specific web location used only by you? Then consider purchasing a dedicated IP address for only £2.50 a month.

Server Monitoring

If you manage your own server or external service from Jst Hosting, we offer a monitoring solution to ensure your server is always available. With email and text (SMS) notifications, you can know quickly when an issue with your service arises and have a rapid response to the issue.

Web Design Services

Whether it’s a new site you’re looking for or an update to an existing one, our design team can offer competitive quotes for web design work.