Dedicated IPs

An IP?

Internet Protocol or ‘IP’ address is a number assigned to a computer within a network. This can be something as small as your local network at home or as big as the whole Internet. The IP is a unique number which identifies both the computer and its location on the network so data knows how to find its way to and from a specific computer.

Dedicated vs Shared IPs

In web hosting, there are two different types of IP addresses: Dedicated and Shared. These two types reflect their use – a dedicated IP is used only by the person who purchased it while a shared IP is used by multiple people. In shared or reseller hosting, services run on shared IPs as standard.

Although for most scenarios a shared IP is sufficient, some users may require a dedicated IP to run specific services or to separate themselves from the shared environment. Shared IPs can cause problems if for example a specific user was distributing spam emails from that address which leads to the IP being ‘blacklisted’ preventing emails being delivered to other servers. At Jst Hosting we have several safeguards in measure to prevent such a situation so for most of our clients, a dedicated IP is unnecessary.

When do I need a dedicated IP?

Primarily, the only time a dedicated IP is required is if you want to add an SSL Certificate to your hosting account. To find out more about this, visit our ‘SSL Certificate’ page. Other reasons for requiring a dedicated IP may include having direct access via an IP address to your site in case of a DNS failure.

How do I get a dedicated IP?

To get a dedicated IP through Jst Hosting you must already have one of our shared or reseller hosting plans. You can also order a new hosting plan with us and add a dedicated IP as an extra in the signup process. For existing customers, you can login to your billing account and add the dedicated IP as an extra service on the relevant hosting account.

The cost per month for a Dedicated IP address is £2.50

Please note – we can only issue Dedicated IP addresses on Jst Hosting servers.