Feb 5th Upgraded Billing System Launched

We're happy to announce the launch of an upgraded Jst Hosting billing system for our customers. This system provided up-to-date functionality for managing your hosting and domain services with us.

If you experience any issues or need support when using the system, please contact support@jsthosting.com.

Aug 26th Domain Price Increase

Due an increases in price of registration by our service providers combined with an effective increase due to the changing exchange rate of the Pound against to the Dollar, it has become necessary to increase our prices for domain registrations, transfers and renewals effective immediately. The new pricing will apply on any future domain ... Read More »

Dec 21st Wishing you a Merry Christmas

With the final few days before Christmas now upon us, we would like to take the opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year from everyone at Jst Hosting! What's been new this year? 2012 has been an exciting year for all of us at Jst Hosting with the continued increase of our client base from all over the UK. With this has ... Read More »

Aug 27th New Spam Management Package

In recent weeks, several of our clients have reported increased levels of spam emails arriving in their inboxes. To help alleviate this issue, we will be running a trial over the next two weeks of a new spam management package to help minimise any spam you are receiving. Within your cPanel account, there is now a 'MailScanner Configuration' ... Read More »

May 29th Jubilee Weekend - Telephone Support Closure

Our telephone support service will be closed for the Jubilee bank holiday weekend. Lines will close at 5pm on Friday 1st June and reopen at 9am on Wednesday 6th June.

During this time, if you have any enquiries or support requests, please submit them via our website or by emailing support@jsthosting.com.


Apr 28th .uk domain registration period

From the 1st May 2012, Nominet (the UK registry) is enhancing their domain registration system to allow .uk domains to be sold on terms other than their existing two year limit. This will allow domain names to be registered on periods from 1-10 years within the Nominet system. Jst Hosting will be incorporating this change into our domain ... Read More »

Apr 26th cPanel updated to 11.32

Over the last 24 hours, we have updated all of our servers to the newest version of cPanel. This provides additional functionality in your cPanel account including: redesigned login interfaces for cPanel, webmail and for our reseller hosting clients, WHM a new statistics program, 'Logaholic' increased email diagnostic tools available in ... Read More »

Jan 14th Domain Name price change

VeriSign, the worldwide organisation responsible for the registration of .COM domains, has planned an increase in the cost of certain domain extensions from mid-January 2012. This price increase has been agreed by the internet regulator, ICANN, in a long term plan for the stability and security of the service. The increase affects all domain ... Read More »

Jan 1st Billing System Upgrade

As part of our 2012 planned upgrades to our services and customer experience, we have upgraded our billing system today. The new system offers  a much cleaner and simpler interface with an improved navigation structure allowing you to access the relevant information faster. All of the previous information in your client account is still present. ... Read More »

Dec 24th Increased specification of our shared hosting packages

As a Christmas gift to our existing customers and a benefit to all of those to yet join Jst Hosting, we will shortly be increasing the disk space of some of our hosting packages. This will be done free of charge for existing clients and the changes will be introduced automatically over the coming weeks. The changes are to the following ... Read More »